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James Burns - Of Counsel

Shelley S. Buchanan -  Of Counsel

Shelley Buchanan brings 21 years of civil litigation experience and prior experience in accounting and financial services to assist clients devise elegant solutions to complex legal problems in as cost-effective and efficient manner as possible.

Ms. Buchanan has dedicated her education and legal skills to serving clients in civil disputes, administrative hearings, trials, and through the appellate process.

Ms. Buchanan graduated from Mount Holyoke College, magma cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa; earned a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Golden Gate University, and received her Law Degree from the University of California, Hastings in 1994.

As counsel for corporations, governmental entities and individuals in both California and the Federal Courts, James Burns pragmatically approaches each case intent on achieving the best result for each individual client. Strategies employed by Mr. Burns may entail extensive litigation prior to trial, or may involve negotiating an early resolution based on the needs of his client. Mr. Burns is especially adept at utilizing dispositive motions to obtain judgment for his clients and prevailed on many motions for summary judgment, motion to strike and demu

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