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  • Mr. Ford handled a case on behalf of a landlord in San Francisco Superior Court.  Our client, the Plaintiff landlord, claimed that 16 tenants (defendants) in his former apartment building owed him a refund of relocation payments, which were paid to the defendants pursuant to the San Francisco Rent Ordinance’s requirements for an Ellis Act eviction, because the eviction was cancelled and the defendants were not forced to move from the property.  Mr. Ford was able to settle the case and obtained $43,100.00 for our client, which amounted to the majority of the damages claimed by our client in its complaint. (June 2015)

  • In a jury trial in Ventura County Superior Court, Mr. Ford obtained an order on behalf of our housing authority client granting our client’s motion in limine to exclude all evidence offered by Plaintiff in support of his claim that he suffered personal injury damages, including heart and lung damage, as a result of pest control fumigation of his apartment.  The court entered judgment in favor of the housing authority. (May 2015)​

  • After serving a 60-day notice of termination of tenancy on behalf of his private entity property management company against tenants who had violated several provisions of their lease agreement, without having to file an unlawful detainer complaint, Mr. Ford was able to negotiate a settlement agreement whereby the tenants agreed to move out of the premises and released Mr. Ford’s client of all liability associated with their tenancy. 

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