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  • In a personal injury case filed in Alameda County Superior Court against Mr. Ford’s housing authority client, where the plaintiff suffered a severe shoulder injury as a result of an alleged defect in her backyard, and where the plaintiff demanded $300,000 in general damages, $60,000 in special damages, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees, Mr. Ford was able to obtain a dismissal, with prejudice, of the case due to substantial inconsistencies in plaintiff’s responses to discovery and deposition testimony, and testimony from plaintiff’s treating doctor where he affirmed the contents of his medical report that indicated that the cause of plaintiff’s fall was a result of something completely different than what she alleged in her pleadings and during the discovery of the case. (February 2017)

  • Mr. Ford filed numerous unlawful detainer cases, including rent and cause cases, in Sacramento and San Joaquin County Superior Court on behalf of his low-income housing clients and obtained favorable results in every case, including negotiating voluntary move-out agreements, saving his clients the time and expense of trial.  (September 2016 through May 2017)

  • ​In a court trial in Alameda County Superior Court, Mr. Ford obtained a defense judgment in favor of his housing authority client in a personal injury case where the plaintiff claimed that he fell down a flight of stairs and suffered significant and multiple injuries as a result of construction debris left on the staircase landing. After the defense rested, the court ruled that plaintiff failed to prove that the premises was in a dangerous condition at the time of the accident, that defendant had notice of the dangerous condition, or that the condition of the property was a substantial factor in causing his injuries under Government Code section 835. (June 2016)

  • In a breach of contract action on behalf of Mr. Ford’s business client who provides environmental regulatory permitting and related services to the private sector and public agencies for projects that unavoidably impact natural resources protected by federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, Mr. Ford obtained a money judgment on behalf of his client in the amount of $465,000.  (April 2016)
    Mr. Ford defended a case on behalf of his housing authority client in Alameda County Superior Court.  In this personal injury action the plaintiff claimed $20,000 in special damages and demanded $50,000 in total damages.  Emphasizing discrepancy in testimony, evidence favorable to his client, lack of constructive notice under Gov. Code section 835.2, and the potential reduction of special damages due to the collateral source payment rule under Gov. Code section 985, Mr. Ford was able to settle the case for $15,000.(March 2016)

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